HAProxyConf Presentation

Extending HAProxy with Rust Beyond Lua Restrictions

At Yelp, a platform that connects tens of millions of people with tens of millions of great local businesses, we use HAProxy to load balance our traffic, block bots, and enable smart routing. Many of the features are powered by plugins written in Rust and Lua. In this presentation, I will describe how we extend HAProxy with the Rust programming language and HAProxy's Lua API, benefiting from Rust's features such as code and memory safety, speed, and even non-blocking access to file operations.


Extending HAProxy with Rust Beyond Lua Restrictions

Aleksandr Orlenko

Software Engineer Yelp

Alex is an enthusiastic software engineer who loves system programming and working on infrastructure projects. His favourite programming language is Rust. He has been working at Yelp in London since 2018 on the Edge team and their main focus is delivering users’ requests to Yelp services with low latency. Ex. perl developer, previously worked at Yandex.Direct. In his spare time he enjoys cycling and flying a small Cessna aircraft.

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