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How HAProxy Accelerated Our Migration to the Cloud

At TravelAndLeisure, our migration to the cloud meant moving more than 1200 VIPs from F5 to HAProxy. With applications spread across different technologies like Java, Node.js, Windows, and microservices, and load balancing that relied on F5's iRules, we expected the shift to be complex. However, the story we'll share is one of simplicity! How did we accomplish it? Join us to learn how we migrated to the cloud, reduced our costs, integrated monitoring, and gained the ability to detect application issues earlier and take action proactively.


How HAProxy Accelerated Our Migration to the Cloud

Siva Palanivel

Technical Consultant TravelAndLeisure

Siva is currently a technical consultant working in RCI and responsible of administration of Web, Middleware and Integrated services. He started using HAProxy during the last two years and has migrated 1000-1500 VIPs from F5 within a short period of time. Through a new product, he was quickly able to learn and accomplish the load balancing for various application technologies with ease using HAProxy.