HAProxyConf Swag Packages

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of HAProxy, we created a special swag package.
Here’s how to win:

  • Winners will be selected after the conference.
  • Our team will contact the lucky winners.
  • Enjoy a cup of tea as you wait patiently for your swag package to arrive.
What’s up for grabs
HAProxy T-Shirts


Special 20th-anniversary edition.
This timeless design will guarantee you’ll be rocking the t-shirt for the next 20 years.

HAProxy Stickers


Decorate your laptop, office door, or a legacy hardware-based load balancer with a variety of HAProxy-themed stickers.
A special 20th-anniversary holographic sticker is included. Be sure to keep it in mint condition, it might fetch a good price on the collectibles market.

HAProxy T-Shirts

HAProxy Books

Straight from the minds of our top HAProxy experts, these books will elevate your HAProxy game.
If you can’t wait for the printed edition, download the digital versions right now:

HAProxy Stickers

Kids T-shirts

It’s never too early to start with HAProxy.
Our favorite t-shirt features Loady, our elephant mascot, in a skillful balancing act. The t-shirt comes highly recommended by our youngest HAProxy Technologies family members.

HAProxy T-Shirts

Loady Plushies

Another favorite among the next generation of HAProxy enthusiasts.
When he’s not snuggling, Loady is working hard to overtake rubber duck as a most-efficient debugging tool.


Notice: Swag package contents may vary based on item availability.