HAProxyConf Lightning talk

Autoscaling with HAProxy, Consul and Nomad for High Uptime and Low-Cost Infrastructure

Autoscaling is a great tool for any team that is looking for a high uptime system while keeping costs in control. At ClassDojo, we maintain up-to-date server membership in HAProxy using HashiCorp Consul as our service discovery component. Hot reloads in HAProxy allow us to stitch together a seamless mechanism for updating server membership while keeping the connections to clients or other API gateways alive. This talk will walk through setting up HAProxy to dynamically proxy requests for an autoscaling pool of servers managed by HashiCorp Nomad. As a bonus, we will also see a demo for organizing HAProxy configuration files in more manageable chunks with a templating tool.

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Urjit Singh Bhatia

Urjit Singh Bhatia

Senior Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with a background in systems & machine learning. Having spent 12+ years writing high-performance backend services, queueing systems and infrastructure, I am employed by ClassDojo Inc, focused on improving education across the world. In my free time, I enjoy powerlifting, hiking, science-fiction, and cooking for friends & family.