HAProxyConf 2021
Featured Presentations

HAProxy on 5G Edge: Practical Advice for Load Balancing at the Network Edge

Robert Belson Strategy Analyst Verizon

Processing Millions of Payments Through a Cloud-native Infrastructure with HAProxy

Brendan Devenney Senior Software Engineer Form3 Financial Cloud
Piotr Olchawa Senior Software Engineer Form3 Financial Cloud

How We Achieved 2-Million RPS: HAProxy on Arm Processors

Kailas Jawadekar Sr Manager, Software Ecosystem Arm
Nenad Merdanovic Principal Solutions Architect HAProxy Technologies

HAProxy: Pillar of Security at BankSITE

Devin Acosta Security Consultant BankSITE Services

Optimizing HAProxy for Autoscaling: How Dynamic Servers Reduce Reloads While Improving Uptime and Scalability

Baptiste Assmann Principal Solutions Architect HAProxy Technologies
Amaury Denoyelle HAProxy Core Developer HAProxy Technologies

Making AI Securely Available to the Masses with HAProxy

Nathan Mellis Head of Engineering Modzy

Latest Updates in the HAProxy Data Plane API

Chad Lavoie Director of Support HAProxy Technologies

Enabling SD-WAN Operations Using HAProxy

Gurpreet Singh Sr Product Manager Nokia
Patrick Dumais Senior Software Designer Nokia

How E Voyageurs SNCF Uses HAProxy as a Security Gate Between the Cloud and On-premises Datacenters

Antonin Mellier Cloud Architect E Voyageurs SNCF
Samuel Duvieubourg Infrastructure Engineer E Voyageurs SNCF

Fostering Fearlessness: Working in the Middle of the Day Instead of the Middle of the Night

Michael "Irish" O'Neill Senior Infrastructure Software Engineer BoomTown!

Using HAProxy Peers for Real-time Quota Tracking

Tim Düsterhus Developer & Cloud Architect WoltLab

Extending HAProxy with Rust Beyond Lua Restrictions

Aleksandr Orlenko Software Engineer Yelp

How HAProxy Accelerated Our Migration to the Cloud

Siva Palanivel Technical Consultant TravelAndLeisure

Annotations, Config Snippets, and Custom Resources: Three Ways to Customize Your HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller

Moemen Mhedhbi Software Engineer HAProxy Technologies